Teddy-n-Shea’s Playhouse originated when owners, Candace and Pamela, both doggy lovers and owners, found that their lives revolved around their doggies aka their “kiddies”. Moving from the Bay Area to Phoenix, they both did not have family or friends who can readily and easily watch their pooches for them. Any vacations, last minute or not, revolved around whether their dogs were able to go. The majority of the time their pooches were not able to go and they needed to find a good and loving dog boarding facility, which was a lot harder than they expected. Being very protective over their pooches, they found that there wasn’t a good dog sitting person/company or business out there that met their expectations. So one day Candace suggested starting their own pet sitting service…a service that exceeds normal pet boarding or kennel services, a service that gives pet owners peace of mind when they are away. Rather than viewing this as a regular pet boarding or pet kennel service, Candace and Pamela have created a vacation getaway for your pet.





Teddy & Shea