We just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Paulie. I hate to leave him, but I felt he was in good hands with you. Your “doggie apartment” is so cute. We are really happy to have a place to bring Paulie now when we go on trips.

Thank you,

Catherine & Joseph St Paul

Paulie, Cocker Spaniel/American Eskimo

Hello Pam and Aaron,Thank you so much for taking good care of Nognog and Toffee while we’re away. We found a 2nd home for our 2 precious pooch when we plan for our next trip. We can tell how happy and contented they were when we picked them up that evening. I would recommend TeddynShea’s playhouse to my stepdaughter and friends.
And let them know that their pets will be in good hands and assured TLC.
-Lucille P.
Nognog & Toffee, Pugs

Our baby boy Dolce stayed at the East Valley Playhouse for over a week and loved it! He had so much to do and was pampered all throughout the week. My fiance’ and I felt at ease leaving Dolce there. We enjoyed our trip not worrying about our baby’s well-being. I would definitely recommend Teddy n Shea for those who want their pets to have their own “getaway” 🙂
-Maybelline P.
Dolce, Yorkie Terrier

I always prolonged my much needed vacations due to the lack of good, quality dog-sitters. That is, until I found Teddy-and-Shea’s Playhouse. At first, I was hesitant to put my baby into the hands of strangers. But, Candace and Pam made a conscious effort to pacify my qualms. Before I left for vacation, Candace let me tour their house and showed me the amenities that would be provided to my beloved Peanut. Not only did they provide Peanut with a comfortable room, but they also had other dogs there to keep him company! I left for my vacation knowing that my dog was in the best care. It was about time! Needless to say, I came back from my vacation to a happy and healthy Peanut, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I highly recommend Teddy-and-Shea’s Playhouse to anyone who truly cares about their dog. It’s always nice to know that your baby is in good hands.
-Celeste R.
Peanut -Yorkie/Miniature Schnauzer Mix

I had to make an emergency trip out of state and was in desperate need of a dog sitter. I searched everywhere but the costs were ridiculous, that’s when I was happy to find Teddy n Shea’s. It was everything I could hope for, very nice and affordable. The facility was clean and spacious enough for my two dogs. I was also amazed at the “feel” of the place, it really seemed to captivate all the aspects of what dogs enjoy. A great play area, a yard big enough for them to run around, great homemade treats and most of all caring and trusting people. I was immediately at ease when meeting my dogs’ caretakers. It was instantly comfortable for all parties and I felt confident that my babies would be well taken care of. Now, everytime I am in need of a dog sitter I know where to turn, not only am I happy with the professional services but I also feel I’ve found fellow dog lovers and friends. Thanks Teddy n Shea!!!!

-Clarissa D.

Ryley & Chloe – Miniature Pincher

My dog stayed at the West Valley Playhouse over the holidays. She has plenty of room inside and in the the backyard for the dogs to run around. I’d take my dog there again! (Too bad I live in Washington DC now!)
-Lani T.
Kalee (Jack Russell)